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The Clubhouse houses the restrooms as well as a laundromat, game room, kitchen and bathhouse. The main meeting room is 1600 sq. ft. and seats  up to 150 people at tables comfortably for your club events. We have  mini-storage units available for extended stay customers within walking distance of your site. Stay at our park while having your new home built and  be able to walk to your belongings.

Monthly or Extended Rates ...

                                                   Wi-Fi is free for monthly customers.

bullet$750.00    for up to 30 Amps                 Some discounts may apply
bullet$800.00    for 50 Amps                            Some discounts may apply
bulletNote:  We reserve the right to give our retired customers and Escapees RV Club discounted rates.  We do not usually let people stay here to work at all but there are some exceptions, ask and see.  Escapees get free Wi-Fi daily,weekly and monthly ask for codes.  Please email me for more detailed answers for your questions.